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Maximizing your FTIR investment


During this unprecedented medical crisis, ALECAM remains committed and ready to support our customers some of which work in the critical sectors.

At ALECAM, our Remote Support Services can help you minimize the impact that an inoperable system can have on your work schedule due to the social distancing that the current medical emergency (Covid-19) demands.  With RSS, we can troubleshoot and, if a software problem, often repair your FTIR system remotely.  Pre-visit RSS may also accelerate the repair time reducing on-site costs.
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Focused dedication

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Personal Service

We are a veteran-owned business dedicated to supporting you and your Bruker FTIR spectrometers. With over thirty years of experience, we tackle your software and hardware issues to ensure more accurate data acquisition, optimum system performance and utilization of your system(s).


Services customized to your needs

We offer flexibility, working on your schedule, at competitive rates. We can provide preventive maintenance services, repairs, and modifications of your systems and accessories to fit your exact needs.
With our extensive expertise, we provide advice and training to ensure you continually obtain the best results with your FTIR system, accessories, and software.

We service current and legacy systems.

  • IFS66, IFS28/55, Equinox, Vector, RFS100, and other models

  • Tensor, Vertex, MPA, Matrix, and IFS125 models

  • Hyphenated techniques: FT-Raman, TRS, TG-FTIR, IR, and Raman Microscopes

When servicing your system we verify that your laboratory environment is conducive to long system life.

​New users at your lab? We offer comprehensive on-site training.

​We support federal, state, and private organizations, in the USA and abroad.
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“The pessimist complains about the wind. The optimist expects it to change. The leader adjusts the sails.”

-John Maxwell

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