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Gerardo optimizing interferometer alignment, IFS125

Focused dedication

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Personal Service

Welcome to our veteran-owned business, committed to providing unwavering support for you and your Bruker FTIR spectrometers. Boasting over three decades of expertise, we adeptly address both software and hardware concerns, ensuring precise data acquisition, optimal system performance, and the full utilization of your systems. Trust us to enhance the efficiency and reliability of your Bruker FTIR experience.

What We Do


Services customized to your needs

Discover unparalleled flexibility tailored to your schedule at competitive rates. Our services encompass preventive maintenance, repairs, and custom modifications for your systems and accessories, precisely aligning with your unique requirements.

Leveraging our extensive expertise, we go beyond mere servicing. Our team provides valuable advice and training, ensuring optimal results with your FTIR system, accessories, and software. Whether you're working with current cutting-edge systems, Tensor, Vertex, MPA, Matrix, IFS125, or legacy models, such as IFS66, IFS28/55, Equinox, Vector, RFS100, or engaging in hyphenated techniques like FT-Raman, TRS, TG-FTIR, IR, and Raman Microscopes, we've got you covered.

Our commitment extends to verifying that your laboratory environment fosters the longevity of your system. Introducing new users to your lab? Benefit from our comprehensive on-site training programs.

We proudly serve federal, state, and private organizations, both domestically and internationally.

Contact us and discover how we can elevate your FTIR experience.



Winston-Salem, NC
+1 (281) 455-6564

Gerardo Gonzalez @IFS125


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